About ASKRYAN.com

ASKRYAN.COM, the brain child of Ryan (duh!), is a website about nothing. In this, Ryan's most worthy endeavor, He will attempt to impart his almost non-existant wisdom on you, an unlucky mentaly challenged schmuck. No seriously, this website is whatever you make of it. The main goal of ASKRYAN.COM is to entertain, and hopefully bring even a small measure of joy to your otherwise uneventfull life. Viewers of ASKRYAN.COM are encouraged to participate by asking questions, no matter how serious or stupid they may be. In addition to the responses left by Ryan or Chunky, additional comments can be left by registered users.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be all you can be, as indicated by the fact you are here reading this, porbably will not be all that much...

Ryan, President of stuff
AIM - askryandotcom
email -
" I'm Ryan aka Kid Funky Fried, the other white meat. Ladies, I'm recently single! Ask me sometime about the grape-nut theory"

"you are my favorite mother fucker!"

Chunky, Vice President of other stuff
" Hi I'm Chunky, 5 years of web development and all I have to show for myself is this piece of crap website! "

"from the start to the end, no matter what I pretend
The journey is more important than the end or the start"


The creators of this site are plagued with a seriously demented sense of humor. Please do not take any of their humor to heart. Should you feel the need to contact ASKRYAN.COM to complain about content on this site you feel may be offensive please email us here, and you can count on Ryan ignoring it. Thank you.