Frequently Asked Questions (a.k.a. "the idiot section")

How do I ask a question?

There are many links on this site that will take you to the question form. The quickest way is to go to the Questions section. Once there, there is a button that labeled "Ask a Question." In addition to that, Once inside the Questions area, there are buttons all over the place that will take you to the question form. Even if you are already browsing another question, you can click the "Ask a Question" button.

Once you've gotten to the question form all you have to do is type in a title and your question. We advise that you "Preview" your question before you "submit." This will enable you to proofread your question. Should you realize later that you're made a spelling mistake, we will not correct it for you.

Your login status is also marked. If you are logged in the question will be shown as being posted by you, otherwise, it will be posted anonymously. You are not required to have an ASKRYAN.COM account to ask a question, however, you will need to be logged in to comment on any responses left by Ryan or Chunky.(See below ACCOUNT FAQ's)

We've made it very easy to ask a question. We hope you take advantage of this.

How do I read the responses to these questions?

There are 2 ways to see responses to the questions posted by our viewers...

  1. On the index page the 4 most recent questions that have been responded to by either Ryan and/or Chunky are displayed. At the bottom of each question, there is a link that says "more." That link will take you directly to that question, with our responses and any comments posted by our users.
  2. The second way is to go straight to the Questions section. There we have all the questions listed in order by when they were responded to. You will notice that the layout is very similar to the index page, with the only difference there are more questions posted per page. Navigating around the questions are is the same as on the index page.
How do I post a comment to these questions?

In order to post a comment to any of the questions, you will need to first be a registered user of ASKRYAN.COM (See below ACCOUNT FAQ's). Posting a comment is very simple. From within the questions area, click the "Submit a Response" button. From there it should self-explanatory. A nifty feature we offer is teh ability to quote another comment in yoru own comment. This can be accomplished by, instead, clicking the "Quote" button next to a response. This part works the same as asking a question or posting any other response with teh exception that you need to be sure if you are quoting another post to the checkbox entitled "Quote the parent posts to this response" is checked. In any case be sure to "Preview" before you "Submit." Preview will appear show how a post will appear once posted. If all is correct in the preview, then submit it.

Why should I register an ASKRYAN.COM account?

There are several reason for registering an ASKRAYN.COM account...

  1. Only registered users are allowed to post comments to any of the responses here on ASKRYAN.COM
  2. When posting a new question, the question will be identified as "your question" as opposed to anonymous. Anonymous sucks, do not become a statistic, be proud of your (stupid) questions!
  3. Only registered user can become ASKRYAN.COM groupies. (See below GROUPY FAQ's)
  4. Future enhacements include new functionality that will make being a registered ASKRAYN.COM user a little more interesting.
How do I register an ASKRYAN.COM account?

Registering for an ASKRYAN.COM account is easier than a ho, on prom night. On the sidebar there's a "create account" link. That link will take you to our sign up page. Fill out the form, submit it and we will recieve your information. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you signed up with. Within minutes you should recieve a confirmation email. Follow the link within the email to confirm your new ASKRYAN.COM account. The reason we do this is to prevent somebody from signing up using your email address. It is also used for account retrieval. Should you lose or forget yoru password, we will email it to you at the email address you have listed for your account.

What is that funny little image on the signup page?

That is a verification image. It's main purpose is to ensure that the person signing up for an account is indeed a person sitting at a computer and not a script generated to keep adding accounts while unattended.

This verification image is "cap-sensitive", meaning a "c" is different from a "C." You would be suprised how many people do not understand this. Please try your best, if after 10 attempts you still cannot get this part of the sign up, please contact us, we would love to hear about how mentally challenged you really are.

What is an ASKRYAN.COM groupy?

We're still trying to figure this out...