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Dec 14,2008 02:52:17 AM
Chunky and I have been discussing bringing resurrecting I know it has sat dormant for a while. We've both been doing our own things. I'm working on a new code base and backend, and I've been talk to Chunky about a site redesign. Please stay tuned ...
May 21,2006 07:24:08 PM
Check it out! I've been answering questions. Ask me something, I bet you will get response from now on (unless you ask something stupid, then I will just delete it).
Nov 24,2005 11:39:58 AM
Look to your right. Notice that PayPal Donate button? AskRyan is now accepting donations. AskRyan has been and always will be free. However, there are some costs associated with running this site which I pay out of my own pocket. How am I suppose to get rich if I have to keep paying for things? Please donate! The more you donate the fewer innocent puppies will be killed and you will help end world hunger. Oh, lost kids will find there parents too I think. Ok seriously, help me out here and just donate something, we need you!

Most Recent Questions...
  how old am i

Posted By: anonymous · May 17,2007 10:48:38 PM  
  I'm going to guess you are about 12 years old, just like all the rest of our readers.

Posted By: ryan · Dec 14,2008 02:46:00 AM
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  When will I get married?

Posted By: tomwest · Sep 27,2007 10:32:42 PM  
  Dear Tomwest,

As long as you continue to hang out in dark seedy corners of the internet like you are doing when you visit, you will never get married.


Posted By: ryan · Dec 14,2008 02:43:42 AM
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  1)what is proper dating etiquette? Cus watching movies is just sad. Its never that easy and if it is then its too good to be true. You see these couples that look so just wrong but for some reason they work...(2)what the hell, right?

-Dater Disaster

Posted By: anonymous · Sep 12,2007 12:52:34 AM  
  I'm really not sure what you are asking. However I will add that going to a movie is a bad idea on the first couple dates. Make sure you take your date somewhere the two of you can talk and learn about eachother.

Save the movies until after your significant other gets old and boring, then you don't have to put up with all the BS

Posted By: ryan · Dec 14,2008 02:41:52 AM
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Posted By: anonymous · Sep 02,2007 05:46:51 PM  

Posted By: ryan · Dec 14,2008 02:48:23 AM
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  ok well theres this boy i like....and we are like best friends....i asked him if he would ever go out with me and he said he doesnt kno cuz we are realllly close friends. Do u think in any way possible we could ever end up dateing?

Posted By: erie · May 21,2007 10:43:21 PM  
  Me and my girlfriend were friends best friends for 10 years before we started dating.

However you are not me. You will not date him.

Posted By: ryan · Dec 14,2008 02:39:22 AM
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